Our Annual Parochial Church Meetings to elect members of the PCC and Churchwardens and consider various reports for 2019 will be held in St Paul’s Church and on ZOOM on Sunday, 13 September starting at 12.15 pm. Notices of the meetings are displayed on our website. Nomination forms for the elections can be obtained from the churchwardens or Claude@parishofbrentford.org.uk.

To be eligible to vote at the elections of PCC members and Churchwardens, your name must be entered on the Electoral Roll of the parish. If you are a newcomer to the parish and would like to enroll, please refer to these notices re Electoral Roll Enrolment, and download to join.

Notice of APCM-13 Sep 2020

Electoral Roll Enrolment-2020

Notice of meeting to elect Churchwardens-13 Sep 2020

All submissions and nominations should be received by the office no later than 10th September 2020. Please email Claude@parishofbrentford.org.uk with any questions or queries.