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As the people of St Paul’s and St Faith’s in Brentford we are seeking to follow Jesus and build a community, where everyone’s welcome, everyone matters, and everyone’s involved.

We strive to embed these three values in all we do to follow Jesus and build a community here in Brentford:

Everyone Welcome: We want to be a church you can belong to easily, that’s diverse and inclusive, welcoming, and hospitable, a place you feel safe, with opportunities to get involved, meet others and serve the community.

Everyone Matters: Whether you are a regular member of the church, or just live in the parish, we’re here for you. We want to be outward-looking, and embedded in our local community, seeking to share our faith and serve those we live alongside.

Everyone Involved: We want to build good relationships with each other by being involved in church life. As we experience God’s love, we serve our local community and build God’s kingdom using the time, gifts and money God has given us.