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Everyone’s welcome. Everyone Matters. Everyone’s involved

As the people of St Paul’s and St Faith’s in Brentford we are seeking to follow Jesus and build community, where everyone’s welcome, everyone matters and everyone’s involved.

We want these three values to be embedded in all we do to follow Jesus and build community where we live:

Everyone Welcome: We want to be a church you can join easily, that’s diverse, welcoming and hospitable, a place you feel safe, with opportunities to get involved.

Our Focus for the next 5 years is on:

  • Offering a great welcome to visitors so that they feel they belong, believe and come to faith or are nurtured in their faith, and, as part of that, we want to host welcome lunches every term for new joiners.
  • Focusing on Sunday services – their quality and delivery.
  • Getting better at our communication, so that we are consistent and welcoming.
  • Refurbishing our churches so that they are a welcoming space for hirers and users.
  • Continuing to prioritise safeguarding.

Everyone Matters: Whether you are a regular member of the church, or just live in the parish, we’re here for you. We’re here for those who attend and those who don’t. We want to be outward-looking, and embedded in our local community, seeking to share our faith and serve those we live alongside.

We plan to:

  • Continue to run Alpha courses and train more to be involved, including Youth Alpha.
  • Start an after school club for secondary aged pupils and build on Brentford Youth.
  • Continue and expand our work in local schools.
  • Explore how we can help the wider community with mental health.
  • Establish our prayer ministry team and a culture of personal ministry.
  • Seek to build on relationships with local key organisations.

Everyone Involved: We want to build a culture of relationship where everyone can be involved. When we experience God’s love and the gift of faith it spills out into others as we serve our local community and build God’s kingdom using the time, gifts and money God has given us.

We are:

  • Encouraging discipleship through small groups, and testimonies.
  • Encouraging financial giving to the church and thanking those that do give.
  • Developing and nurturing vocational gifts and the use of people’s skills.
  • Supporting other churches and community groups locally.
  • Promoting and generating a core team of people engaged in Citizens Hounslow, to work on social justice issues that will benefit our community.