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UPDATED September 5th 2020

We are re-opening for Sunday worship from next Sunday 13th September, with two services, from St Faith’s and St Paul’s.

We will continue to live stream at 11am if you’d prefer to stay at home, stay in your PJ’s and sing along!

9.30am St Faith’s

This will be a said service (no singing) of Holy Communion from 9.30am to about 10.15am. Sunday School will be available in the Church Hall, each week, except for all age services. No Booking in is necessary but it is on a first come first served basis so we’d encourage you to come on time!

11am St Paul’s

This is a live streamed service to a gathered congregation. You will need to book in to tell us that you’re coming as we have a limited capacity. You can book via our website. The band will be playing/singing, but the congregation won’t be able to join in (yes, it will be a bit strange!) Sunday School will be available – groups B and C will alternate.

If you have kids

We’re not allowed to run a creche at the moment, so if you bring pre-schoolers to the service please bring something for them to do while they sit with you.

Sunday school at St Faith’s and St Paul’s will be for children aged 4-11yrs. Youth can help but will still need to book in.

St Faith’s will have one Group A that will meet weekly. Parents will drop their children off in the hall at the beginning of the service and they will join their parents in church for Communion at the end.

St Paul’s will have two groups B and C that will meet on alternate weeks. 

There is a maximum capacity of 15 children per group and you can’t swap groups, so you need to decide whether they are going to attend group A, B or C and then stick with that group for the term. Once your child has joined a group they can’t swap.


Youth are meeting every Sunday at St Paul’s from 5-6.30pm. Younger Youth are meeting next Sunday 13th and then Older Youth the week after. Look at our Youth page for more details. Younger Youth are children in years 6 and 7, Older Youth is for children in Year 8 and above.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer is resuming at St Paul’s from this Tuesday at 9.30am

Mid week Communion

Mid week Communion will continue at St Faith’s on Wednesday at 10am.
 We are not continuing with the St Paul’s evening communion service.

To help you to know what to expect

When you arrive:
The doors will be open half an hour before the service.

Please do stagger your arrival so that you’re able to socially distance as you enter the church. Toilets are available and you’ll be asked to sign in at the door, with your name and contact details (for NHS Track & Trace). A volunteer will do this on your behalf, unless you bring your own pen.

Please use the hand sanitizer on entry to the church or go to the toilet to wash your hands and wear a face covering for the duration of the service.

Where to sit:
There are arrow markings on the floor, showing a one-way direction, and you will see that some parts of the church have been zoned off with tape.

You’ll need to sit where there is a white laminated sign saying ‘please sit here’. These have been placed 2 metres apart. Family units can sit together. For Wednesday Communion You will also find a service booklet on your seat, along with the laminated sign. On Sundays the service will be on the screen.

During the service:
You can say all the service responses with your masks on.

We will say the peace, but will not be shaking hands with each other, and will stay socially distant.

During Communion, the consecrated wafers will be given to you in your seats, so there’s no need to queue or get up.

When you leave:
Please leave your service booklet on your seat when you leave (if you have one).

There is a one-way system, so you will be leaving from another door, however the service leader will explain this.

Please don’t stay at the end of the service. We know it’s good to chat but we don’t want people to gather at the moment, as it risks the spread of Covid.

Additional Guidance:
Certain groups of people may be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, including people who are aged 70 or older, regardless of medical conditions. Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household.