We want to share our outdoor space with both the community for recreation and food growing, and nature as a safe habitat. We hope that using our land responsibly to care for our environment encourages others to do the same within other green spaces throughout the area. Working with Cultivate London, we are running regular workshops, generously supported by the Thriving Communities Fund, that are open to all.

Improve your gardening skills, grow your own food, appreciate the seasons, and meet a whole load of new friends!

Do come along and share with others who might be interested.

Monthly sessions, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings, April – September, in St Paul’s Church Garden


  • Thursday 8th, 1pm – School Session
  • Saturday 17th, 10am – Minibeasts, Sowing Corn, Caring for Seedlings


  • Thursday 6th, 1pm – School Session
  • Saturday 22nd, 10am – Pressing flowers, Edible flower salt, Butterfly Count


  • Thursday 10th, 1pm – Tomato care, Harvest beans & figs
  • Saturday 26th, 10am – Sowing Autumn vegetables, Natural decorations


  • Thursday 7th, 1pm – Cut flowers to give away, Harvest vegetables
  • Saturday 16th, 10am – Celebration of the garden, Microgreens, Green manure


  • Saturday 4th, 10am – Autumn planting: broad beans, garlic & onions, spring bulbs and fruit bushes

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