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The Parish of Brentford is joining together for a half night of prayer twice every term. There is a lot going on in our Parish at the moment and we would like to join together and pray for it all. This time it would be good to pray for Chris, our new curate, and his family as they join our church. Chris is getting ordained on the day of the half night of prayer and he will be joining the team on the following Monday.

When are we doing this?

We are holding this half night of prayer on Saturday the 3rd of July from 6pm until midnight.

How does it work?

We have 12 slots, each one is half an hour long. There are two tickets for each half an hour, so you may be on the call at the same time as someone else, however, you don’t need to pray together, you can turn off your microphone and camera if you wish. When it’s your turn to pray click on the link in your email and join the virtual prayer room.

At the end of your half an hour, the next person will click on the link to join the virtual room, and you can leave.

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How should I pray?

You can pray however you would like to and however you feel comfortable. If you would like a structure, a prayer method our Prayer Course has explored is PRAY:

P – pause
Take a moment in silence to sit in God’s presence.

R – rejoice
Reflect on and thank God for all that God has done and will do. This may be encouragement from your personal life, community or the world. It’s an opportunity to give thanks.

A – ask
Lift to God the places you would like Him to move in the world and ask Him to make a change. You might be praying for people you know, people you don’t, for your local community, for our nation or for areas and countries in the world. Bring before Him you personal prayers and also pray on behalf of our Parish and our nation. Nothing is too big or too small to pray for so pour out your heart and pray for everything that’s on your heart and mind.

Y – yield
Give control to God. Ask God to have His way and pray for his will to be done.

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