Sundays & Wednesdays

There are three Sunday services at St Paul’s:

  • An 8:30am said service of Holy Communion with a short talk until approx 9am.
  • A 10:30am family service. We sing contemporary worship songs with a live band, have a talk, prayers, readings from the Bible and Sunday school groups. Communion with bread and wine is fortnightly, when we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. We have a creche room which is available for preschoolers throughout the service and refreshments are offered after the service. This service is live streamed on YouTube and lasts for approx 1.5 hours.
  • A 6:30pm informal evening service. We have a block of sung worship with a live band, a talk and then another block of singing with an opportunity to be prayed for. We aim to finish by 7.30pm. The evening service pauses over the summer holidays. The last evening service before this years’ summer break will be Sunday 28th July and it will start again on Sunday 15th September.

We also have a mid-week Communion service on Wednesdays at 10am, until 10.30am.

Accessibility & What to expect when you come to St Paul’s:

Where can I sit? There are plenty of different places you can sit: we sit on chairs, but there are also sofas, and tables and chairs set out café style at the back during the 10.30am service. Feel free sit at the back or on a sofa if you’d prefer somewhere quieter and there are corners which are not as brightly lit. You’re welcome to wear noise cancelling headphones if you’d prefer, and you can get up and move about during the service if you need to. We stand to sing, and sit for readings, prayers and the talk which is about 15-20 minutes long.

Do I need anything for the service? You won’t need a service leaflet for the 10.30am or 6.30pm service because the words are on the screen. You can pick up welcome leaflets if you’d like to know more about our church. Our 10.30am service is live streamed on YouTube.

Can I bring my kids? Yes – about a third of our church are children and youth so they are very welcome. If you’ve got pre-schoolers who need some space or time out you can take them into our creche room any time during the 10.30am service. We usually have Sunday School and youth during our 10.30am service, but there are times during the year that we worship altogether.

Are there toilets and baby change facilities? Yes, there are toilets down the corridor, and baby change stations in the ladies toilet and the corridor. Our disabled toilet is accessible for people in attendant propelled wheelchairs but not scooters or electric wheelchairs.

What happens after the service? Do join us for refreshments after the service (tea, coffee & biscuits). We have a ‘Welcome Station’ so if you’re new you can come and say hello and find out more about us and how you can get involved.

For more information on our services and what to expect when you visit St Paul’s please watch this video.

Join the service

We are also live streaming our services on Sundays at 10:30am from YouTube.