Open on Sundays

Welcome to St Paul’s and St Faith’s, churches together for Brentford. We want to love and follow Jesus, and build our local community where everyone’s welcome, everyone matters, and everyone’s involved.

Our church buildings are open on Sundays. The service at St Faith’s is at 9.30am and the service at St Paul’s at 11am, which is also live streamed here.

As Covid restrictions are easing, we recommend you wear a mask in church, but this is up to each individual. We’d encourage you to sanitise your hands and be aware that others may prefer to keep their distance.

As always, if you need help, prayer or would like to talk please email or pick up the phone – we’re here for you and everyone in our local community.

Join the service

We are live streaming our services on Sundays at 11am from YouTube and you can book a seat at St Paul’s during Holy Week.