Hounslow Citizens, is being set up in our area with two hubs, one based in Brentford/Isleworth and the other around Feltham, and we are pleased and excited to become a new member. Citizens embody two of our values – that everyone matters and everyone is involved.

Citizens use community organising to work together for justice and the common good. They work with a diverse group of leaders from schools, universities, hospitals, mosques, churches, synagogues, charities and other community groups to teach them a method of community organising that enables them to speak to power and achieve change on the issues that matter to them.

Citizens has also had a powerful impact on churches and church growth, and uses the power of people and the institutions they represent to lobby for issues that impact our local communities.

We are currently doing a listening campaign in our own congregation around racism, particularly in light of the Black Lives Matter campaign. We want to be a church that can talk about complex and difficult issues, which affect all of us, and ensure that we strive to be an anti-racist congregation.

Do watch this short YouTube videos which illustrates the power of community organising.